Asia, the host of  "Letters To The People"  podcast, shares her experiences being born into and growing up in the LDS/Mormon church.  At age 36,  while experiencing drastic depression, she went against her religious beliefs and chose to seek help from a professional therapist.  The beginning of the episode, lays the foundation of how therapy helped her to recall the horrific memories buried inside. "Basically your going to tell yourself your story" the therapist told her.

 Asia's initial intent was to figure out where the depression came from and how to get rid of it. She figured, "2 months,. 2 months, and I'll have my answers and be back to normal."
 8.5 years later, through different avenues of therapy, she began seeing multiple images of  this  horrible, horrific, and traumatic scenarios;  she discovered her story.

"You haven't yelled at us in a while," her son told her. It was uncontrollable rage which went through her body and she couldn't control it. The trauma stored in her body was trying to be discovered; released.  Therapy helped her treat the root of this rage. While discovering this emotion,  multiple personalities were discovered a few years into her therapy sessions.  They appeared when she felt in danger.

The drugging started at age 5, followed by mind control, human experimentation, having electrodes attached to certain areas of her body as ways to create conditioning and submission.

She was picked to be on a child TV show which lead to an underground world of sex trafficking,  satanic rituals, human experimentation, etc.

Her father was her handler; her favorite person in the whole world. She had to believe that because the other side of him was horrible.  His behaviors where to condition her, an example to reinforce he had the power.  That was by age 10.

This episode is sprinkled with examples of such events, coupled with the therapeutic ways in which Asia used to find the courage to share her story with us.

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**This episode contains graphic content. It is shared willingly by the guest and has not been verified by the host.

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