It didn't just "happen." Asia was used to create a designer family. 

 Asia was born and raised in the LDS/Mormon church.  We discuss dating, marriage, and raising kids within an environment which included such things as drug abuse, satanic abuse, gruesome rituals, sexual and mental abuse.  If you haven't checked out the beginning of her story, go back and listen to Episode 12- Surviving a Satanic Ritual Cult. 

Asia was born into this environment. At age 36, she fell into depression and sought help from a psychotherapist.  In therapy she started to pull up repressed memories. Horrific memories. She was inducted at age 5, and was "chosen" to become part of the underground world cult that surrounds the LDS/Mormon church.

She was almost 21 when she was married. At the time, she didn't recognize the "set-up." She accepted the engagement because she felt it was what she had to do. The commitment wasn't coming from her heart. She decided to break off the engagement. The punishment she endured from her father is unbearable, however it accomplished her fathers goal.  Asia felt so much anxiety from "not" deciding to marry this man, she decided to do it.

We discuss raising kids, what her children endured compared to her childhood, how does the church recruit outside of their community, Asia's process of forgiveness and where her relationship with God is now.

Letters to the People is Asia's podcast. Check it out for more stories.

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