Episode 8 - I speak with James who is a current law enforcement officer. He began his career three years ago. 
From his perspective we tackle such questions as:
How does law enforcement help our communities?
How does a region affect the nature of the calls for help?
 The pattern of crime. How does it escalate?

James: You're gonna have your crimes of opportunity, which are, somebody leaves their purse, or wallet or phone or something in their car. I'll just use theft as an example. They might be walking by, see it, look around, nobody's there, they snag it take off. After a while, the fear that keeps them from committing the crime, isn't there. And they move up, and they'll do it while somebody is watching. And even if they are caught, it doesn't necessarily stop that cycle. They'll break into a house while somebody's there. And then from there, it can escalate up into violent crimes. It's just basically they're becoming callous to the fear.

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