Welcome to Season 2 - The refrigerator and I, how my podcast was born.

I thought I would start with one of my guest interviews. I had the honor of sharing my experience on the following podcasts: Law Enforcement Today podcast, What Was That Like podcast, Kill and Tell podcast and Causepods. In this episode, you will hear my half hour episode on Causepods.

"CausePods" is a podcast created to raise awareness for the people who use Podcasts to better their community, society, and the world. The host of "CausePods", Mathew Passy, interviewed me in October.  In the episode I share a quick version of my story followed by a Q& A.

Did I ever see the other survivors again?  Was the robber caught?  How did I deal with knowing the robber had my cell phone, wallet, and ID with my current address? I lived alone, in what ways did this change my behaviors?  What is it like sitting in front of a jury?

How did I learn how to podcast?  Don't be afraid of the process, believe in yourself!
Local networking, business cards, contents, apps. What app blocked me and my messaging?

"Law enforcement" shouldn't be politicized. Policing shouldn't be political.

I support any organization which helps survivors of trauma. I specifically support Police Blue Nation.
Support the message: https://www.patreon.com/INEEDBLUE

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