S2 E10 Jaci-Former Foster Care Youth Shares Her Unforgettable Story /Jayne, Podcast Host & CASA, Shares Her Experiences
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S2 E10 Jaci-Former Foster Care Youth Shares Her Unforgettable Story /Jayne, Podcast Host & CASA, Shares Her Experiences

Today’s episode speaks on behalf of those children who search for their forever home, who have been removed from their familiar environment for one reason or another and placed into a different permanent or temporary family environment. The hope is always that the new home is a better fit for raising that child. However, situations exist where the child is put in more danger.  I never thought about the foster care system until now. After this episode, I wont forget!

I would like to welcome Jaci Cortez. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was in foster care from ages of 4-21. Her mom was an immigrant from Guatemala. She was arrested for being in, as they say, the wrong place at the wrong time. Jaci was born here, and not allowed to leave with my mom.  She  was 4 years old when they arrested her mom and decided to deport her. Her grandma didn't have papers either and was afraid she would get deported so Jaci's only option was to be placed into foster care. Shortly after, an aunt decided to pick her up and it changed Jaci's  life forever... and not exactly in a good way! 

At one point, Jaci was broken from the abuse she endured for years. You will hear how her strong faith in God, resilience, and bravery lead her to the place she is today. In her words, "if they've ever been hurt or abused or anything negative, never give up. Nothing lasts forever."  

My second guest, Jayne Amelia Larson, is a volunteer for CASA of Los Angeles, CA. She has a podcast, Bonus Babies, where you can find several episodes like the one you will hear today.  It wasn't until Jayne became a CASA that she understood foster kids are superheroes. They are amazingly adaptable, resourceful, resilient, and the fact that some of them make it through a terrible system, is simply because they are amazing. They are superheroes. What inspired you to become a CASA? What are the duties and responsibilities? How has it changed your life? Jayne answers these questions and many more!

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