Acts of kindness are all around us. Through  bonus episodes, I am dedicating some time to acknowledge them. The first act is: Back Brevard Heroes.

They are a local nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and appreciating our local first responders, our heroes, with an annual BBQ and other events.

The barbecue is May 1 at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center in Merritt Island. It'll be from 11 to 3pm. And if they want to do a sponsorship they can reach at [email protected]

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sherri Centore, Kimberley Tucker and Tina Herman.  Here is some information about Back Brevard Heroes. 

Mission:    We stand behind those that serve our community in a selfless manner, as our local heroes fight every day to save our lives, protect us, heal us and take care of us. We serve your local Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMT, and Military.

​Our Vision:   To launch a successful non-profit including all local heroes. Establishing criteria and guidelines to enhance the growth of the organization and the community relationships. To create different divisions dedicated to the support of each individual profession to grow the community awareness.

​Our Values:   Demonstrate to all the Brevard Heroes in this county the true love and support they deserve in a simple form of a thank you.  

​Tax Exempt: Back Brevard Heroes is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

I asked Sherri, "Can you explain who is considered a first responder?"

Sherri - "First responders are law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs. We also include dispatchers and military in our current effort. We work to make sure they feel special, appreciated and loved. 

Tina explains other outreach efforts Back Brevard Heroes provides our community:

We put together gift baskets for firefighters. We've delivered them to 20 stations now in Brevard County. We're going to continue to do this as we get the money needed to  buy all the goods for the baskets. I wanted to  include some of the community and make it a team effort so  I reached out to a retirement community in Rockledge.  We had an arts and crafts day with some of the ladies and they helped  put the baskets together. They even painted a little fire truck for each one. They had a ball and it really made  them feel like part of the community.  When I delivered the baskets, I told the firefighters who had helped put these together.

We connect with other nonprofits who have a similar mission. We work to promote their message too. Today I would like to mention, 
Heroes On The Water:
Survive First:
Misfit Warriors:

Kimberley shared, " There are small ways a community can contribute other than a financial donation.  Our first responders love sweets! Full size candy bars, chips, candies and even homemade goods are always welcome. Please make sure it is wrapped. We are always looking for additional ways to support our local first responders.

Thank you for being my guests and thank you for your contributions to our community.
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