Quick study hacks every student should know to score well

Quick study hacks every student should know to score well

Scoring good marks in the examination without studying sounds like a dream. You might probably spend many sleepless nights before your examination, which can lead to stress and poor health conditions. Most of the students start planning early for their examination, hoping that they don’t need to cram like the last time. But eventually, if you are not sincere enough, then a major portion of the preparation is left for the last minute.

Here are some of the best tips for effective last-minute study. Generally, the week before the examination is filled with sleepless nights and many cups of your favorite coffee. This guide is not essentially about becoming more disciplined, it is all about making the most use of your last-minute preparation. So read the blog to score well in your examination:

Power Off: The major mistake most students make is keeping their phones, TV, etc. on while studying. Every time your phone rings or you receive a notification, you get distorted. For this reason, it is essential that you shut down all your gadgets, be it your phone, tablet, television, or laptop. Ensure that you turn everything off so that you can get the concentration that is required to study effectively. You may be tempted to check all your social media feeds or watch the new release on Netflix, which can lead to sleepy mornings. In addition to it, tell your friends that you are studying. Any great messages, Facebook status updates, or Instagram pictures can wait for another time.

Keep the study space clean: Messy workspace is one of the major reasons most people get distracted while they are working. If you get easily distracted by disorganized books or a messy table, then ensure your table is clean so that your flow of writing doesn’t stop. If you clean everything beforehand, then you will not feel distracted in between. Ensure you keep your laptop clean too. To clean your laptop grab a post-it note and run the adhesive side between your keys and any other part of the laptop where dust gathers.

Compile all the notes: Start by checking the syllabus and ensure that you have all the required study materials handy. If you do not find the required notes on the final day, it will get even more frustrating and irritating. Before you start studying, it is important to arrange all the notes and study materials as early as possible. Try and develop an early reading habit to avoid any kind of pressure.

Eat right: Whenever your examinations are coming up, it is important to eat right. On such days, your examination can easily cause you to slip into bad ways. The stress of studying can provoke emotional eating in some while it also serves as a distraction. If you find yourself practicing any of the habits, it is important that you will replace the donuts and pizza with water, fruits, and vegetables. You must be thinking that who eats healthy, but these foods can help you in different ways. Water replenishes you and keeps the body hydrated. Good foods like fruits and vegetables can cool you down and promote excellent cognitive function. Fruits such as apples or blueberries have toxin-reducing agents, which maintain memory levels.   

Power napping: One of the scariest things about napping at the university is the fear of getting your important stuff getting stolen. However, it is important that you power-nap during the examination season. When your feel drained during the long days and nights in the library, do not be scared of having a nap. Ensure that you put all your valuables in the bag and stick it to your foot across the handle. That way you will wake up if anyone tries to steal anything from you. You can also go to your student accommodation Leeds and sleep for an hour.

Prioritize and work accordingly: We do not prioritize things from the beginning. It is important that you motivate yourself to start working effectively. Does not matter how hard it is, keep going. If you feel you are stuck, then do not stress about it. Skip that topic for the time being and discuss it with your friends later.  It is important that you need to divide your time effectively to cover the syllabus. You are well aware of your strength and weaknesses so you can avoid wasting time at the last minute by reading the chapters that you do not understand. It is important to study the chapters that you have average knowledge and understanding. If time permits, it is important to consider taking a look at other topics. 

Wrapping Up 

There are different ways to keep all the distractions away. However, you have to be mindful. Keep all the above-mentioned points in mind to study well and step towards a better future.

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