S2 Ep 12 Maya - She Was 13 When Her Sister, Age 2, Was Diangosed With Cancer
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S2 Ep 12 Maya - She Was 13 When Her Sister, Age 2, Was Diangosed With Cancer

Maya - It's not often I get to talk about cancer in a way where it's both educational, emotional, and inspiring. I want people to know they’re not alone regardless of their role, whether they are the patient, the parent, the sibling, even the cousin or the aunt.  Everybody is affected by a sickness and it's not just the immediate people; everybody matters.

“My friends thought I would give them cancer. I wore gloves when I changed my 2-year-old sisters’ diaper because the waste was radioactive.” This is Maya’s story. 


She was 13 when her sister was diagnosed with ALL: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She remembers the moment, the pandemonium, surrounding the announcement her sister had cancer. As a teenage sibling, Maya was thrust into a journey which left her confused, fearful, lonely, and feeling deprived. And those are just a few of the many emotion’s siblings feel when they cope with a sister or brother who has cancer. 


Maya is now 21 and her sister is 9. She is going to share her story to help comfort others. When I first met with Maya, I was drawn to the emotional details she shared. She has beautiful eyes and as she spoke, she let me into the world she witnessed, watching this younger life and, almost death, of her sister. 

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