S2 Ep 19 Pam escaped "Creepy Guy"/ Situational Awareness With Mike Dandridge
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S2 Ep 19 Pam escaped "Creepy Guy"/ Situational Awareness With Mike Dandridge

When Pam meets a man at  a work conference and has a bad feeling about him, she doubted her instincts and ends up followed.
 Mike Dandridge is an experienced security professional with over 20 years experience in executive protection, travel security, global security operations, international travel and crisis management. He now dedicates his time to helping women think safety, and has created an online course, Travel With Confidence, to help women traveling solo create a safety plan for themselves.
 This is Pam's story...
 Pam was at a conference where she met a man who made her feel uncomfortable. She started to notice  he was around her more and more, and she began to feel like he was tracking her. This lead to a scary situation causing all of Pam's red flags to go off inside of her. 
 In this episode, you will learn the following:
 1. The importance of intuition and acting on intuition when it comes to personal safety
 2. The dangers of dismissiveness when it comes to personal safety
 3. The importance of situational awareness and knowing your surroundings when it comes to personal safety

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