S2 EP 20 Michelle Dale - Gold Star Mom Lost Her Son, CPL. Dale J. Kridlo
I Need Blue · 49 minutes ·

S2 EP 20 Michelle Dale - Gold Star Mom Lost Her Son, CPL. Dale J. Kridlo

"I talked to my son a week ago. He was going to be home in one month. 30 days and he would be returning home from the Army. He was an honorable part of Operation Enduring Freedom stationed in Afghanistan and my baby is headed home. I can wait for a hug. I just can’t wait." 

 Michelle never got that hug. The next time she saw her son, he was in a casket. He died with glory serving his country, the United States of America. But all the glory in the world would not replace the pain of her broken heart. Her son was now a fallen soldier. 

Michelle later learned her son was not afraid to die. He was afraid to be forgotten! So today we honor him and the other soldier who died beside him. 

Michelle is now President of the American Gold Star Mothers in the state of FL.  We are here to honor her son Dale and give recognition to all the gold star mothers out there. 

 For additional information about the Indian River County, FL Gold Star moms chapter, visit:
Email Michelle at: [email protected]@gmail.com
Visit https://www.goldstarmoms.com/ for the national directory.
Dogs For Life, Vero Beach, FL - https://www.dogsforlifevb.org/

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