S2 Ep 26 - Commander Vic DeSantis - The Dangers of Fentanyl
I Need Blue · 47 minutes ·

S2 Ep 26 - Commander Vic DeSantis - The Dangers of Fentanyl

 "What is Fentanyl and why does this drug matter to me?"
" I don't do drugs and my child knows to say "no."
 Fentanyl has been found in all 50 states; from metropolitan to rural areas, no community is immune from this drug.  It is highly addictive and often mixed with other drugs or pressed into pill form, disguised, leading to the poisoning of the unsuspecting user.

Commander Vic DeSantis, Brevard County Sheriff's office,  uses this opportunity to educate our community and every community throughout America about the dangers of fentanyl-related poisonings.  It is becoming the leading killer of adults ages 18 to 45.

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