S2 Ep17 Kristen's Story: A Cautionary Tale of Online Dating, Assault and Rape
I Need Blue · 52 minutes ·

S2 Ep17 Kristen's Story: A Cautionary Tale of Online Dating, Assault and Rape

Kristen is a college student and survivor of sexual assault. She is sharing her story to provide the red flags leading up to the assault and to provide a cautionary tale for other women using dating apps.
 This is Kristen's story...
 Kristen was on a first date where she was assaulted for hours after meeting someone on a dating app. She felt trapped and unable to move or speak. Kristen is now a survivor and is sharing her story to help other women who may have experienced something similar..
 In this episode, you will learn the following:
 1. What are the red flags leading up to an assault?
 2. What is it like to be assaulted by someone you met online?
 3. How can you best protect yourself when using online dating platforms?
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