S2 EP18 Mary Survived Childhood Trauma, Becomes Guardian Ad Litem
I Need Blue · 51 minutes ·

S2 EP18 Mary Survived Childhood Trauma, Becomes Guardian Ad Litem

The Guardian Ad Litem is a foster child's eyes and ears and they advocate for their well being to make sure they are getting what they need. Today's episode is filled with love, passion and purpose.

My first guest, Mary was removed from her home during her sensitive teen years. She had been sexually abused by a family member. As you hear her describe how these events left her emotionally devastated at an age where navigating such things were already challenging, you will learn how asking questions is key. Today Mary is a volunteer, a Guardian Ad Litem to advocate for a child. She asks the questions and gets the answers so a child has the best possible path for their future success.

My next guest,  Jenny James is a Child Advocate Manager. She provides support for volunteers such as Mary. When you take on the rewarding journey of becoming a Guardian Ad Litem you have support.  Jenny is here to share her journey and explain the ways she supports volunteers. It is a team effort.

 Cynthia Rickard is a Volunteer Recruiter. Currently there are not enough volunteers. Not every child in dependency court has an advocate. You will be touched by this episode and if you find yourself asking the question, maybe I can do this? Information is provided below.

If you are passionate about children and want to make a difference in a child's life, you can help by becoming a Guardian Ad Litem volunteer. To learn more, reach out to recruiter Cynthia Rickard at 321-271-1304 or visit www.GuardianAdLitem.org to find opportunities within the state of Florida.

For more information about becoming a CASA:  https://nationalcasagal.org/

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