S3 Ep 1 Escaping the Cycle: E'ala's Journey to Empowerment After Surviving Domestic Violence
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S3 Ep 1 Escaping the Cycle: E'ala's Journey to Empowerment After Surviving Domestic Violence

“Break the cycle of abuse - Don't believe you are trapped, you are stronger than you think.”

E'ala decided to break her silence after 3 women she personally knew were murdered by their boyfriends. Ashley Perala, Nadine Cavalier, and Gabby Petito. She is hoping  by sharing this story, it could help someone else who might be in that position right now.

E'ala has escaped three abusive relationships throughout her life. At 15, she was in a relationship with an older man  who was a drug addict and physically abused her. Even when she found the courage to leave, he lured her back in. 

Her life took a turn when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. It led to a long-distance move ultimatley ending one abusive relationship and sadly beginning a new one. 

E'ala's story is one of resilience and hope, showing that despite being in an abusive pattern, it is possible to break it and find a loving and supportive relationship. She wants to share her story and resources to help others find the strength to leave abusive situations and save their lives.

 Today we discuss:
1. E'ala's experience
2. What are the signs of an abusive relationship that victims should look for?
3. What is isolation and gaslighting?
4. How did E'ala break the cycle of abusive relationships and end up in a loving, supportive one?
5. How can victims of domestic violence protect themselves from predators and abusers?

"The devil doesn't come with horns and a pitchfork. He comes dressed as everything you've ever wanted." ~E'ala

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