BLM at the Doctor
Sweet as Honey · 66 minutes ·

BLM at the Doctor

Hey Honeybees! 

We are loving discussing our own experiences as well as those of others. While many of these stories are maddening and heart breaking, what we choose to take away from each story is an appreciation of vulnerability, resilience and the resources that are uncovered out of necessity.

In this episode, which is lighter than the last episode, we talk about a potentially politically incorrect garden vegetable(???), watching Hamilton for the first time (spoiler alert: Tiff ruined it), and a particularly scary trip to the gynecologist.

We didn't cover any particular tragedies, but don't forget they are happening around us!

Please consider signing these petitions, reading about these beautiful people of color and how our justice system is failing them and donating to their causes. This could be a blanket donation to an org like Black Lives Matter, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)protester bailout funds, OR specific donations to GoFundMe accounts to help with legal fees, the families of the deceased and in some cases funeral arrangements/recovery from those costs.

Learn about PFC Vanessa Guillen and donate to her cause

Learn about Elijah McClain and donate to his cause

There are also TONS of great social media accounts to follow, here are a few! 

Ava Duvernay

Leslie Herod

Franchesca Ramsey

Ericka Hart


You know where to find us, Instagram, Twitter, or email [email protected]



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