Hello Honeybees!


We hope that Election Day didn’t require the mental health day that you were expecting. Congratulations to the new recreational states; thank you all for participating in our government and making your voice heard. Be sure to take care of yourself through the rest of this week - it’s been a doozy for many of us. 


In this episode, Tiff and Andy talk about a weekend visit with Rachel, an idea about an animated, mostly fictional  depiction of Teenage Jesus’ life, and other musings. This is a totally un-serious topic and it should go without saying that these are jokes/satire.  If you enjoy this episode (or any other episode, or every episode, or most of them) please share it with someone you think will find it funny, comforting, insightful, or interesting. Thanks for hanging out with us.

Drink water, wash your hands, remember it’s okay to throw out underwear withs many holes they no longer function as they were intended. 


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