Cringe Sexual Awakening Stories
Sweet as Honey · 73 minutes ·

Cringe Sexual Awakening Stories

Have you ever been doing something, minding your own business and then you're assaulted by an embarrassing thought of something you did in the past? Like the one time you sent a romantic letter to your partner when you were convinced everything about them was special? What about being queer and trying out being straight, juuuust to make sure? No? Just us? Cool cool cool. 


Nothing about this episode is safe for work, children, or our respective self-esteems.


If you have a cringy coming-of-age story you'd like to share, email us at [email protected]. We will read them on the show! Missing getting your fix on social media? Visit our website,! If this episode made you smile, share it with a friend or five and rate us where you listen!

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