Hello honeybees! A light and fun episode to hopefully relax you and make you laugh right before the LTON (Last Thursday of November) shenanigans (which we know usually entails appeasing an older family member or ten you avoid until the “big holidays” at the end of the year; no judgement). Tiff and Andy talk about making names out of things that are not names, spelling, forging signatures, and what the whipper snappers might call our generation after we have left the world to them to rule. 


Thanks for hanging out with us. If you’re traveling, be safe and alert. If you’re visiting people that bring up weird feelings for you, remember to take breaks often; word is that we might have just the thing for such a break. If you need to reach out, email us at [email protected]. Remember to rate 5 stars and share with a friend you think would love our content. Hugs to y’all. 

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