Quickie w Tiff - Uncomfortable Ambivalence
Sweet as Honey · 26 minutes ·

Quickie w Tiff - Uncomfortable Ambivalence

Hi Honeybees, 


We miss youse SO MUCH! (I have recently decided I really like YOUSE, so sometimes you'll get a "y'all" and sometimes you'll get a "youse," just go with it *shush emoji*). Happy new year or something like that. We've survived the one of the wildest times I've lived through so far, and I think that's worth celebrating or acknowledging. 


In this mini, I talk to you about what has been up with us the last couple of months. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN YOU LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE, it can feel a bit heavy at one point since I do talk about death and loss.


Thank you for being here. You're special & I love you. Drink water, do your best, wear a mask.



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