28: Artist/Teacher with Dr. Ilona Szekely
Art and Self with Cindy Ingram · 40 minutes ·

28: Artist/Teacher with Dr. Ilona Szekely

Balancing education and artistic expression can be a difficult task in todays’ school system. Finding ways to incorporate art into students’ daily lives and help them find relevance in artistic structure in the world is important. Ilona Szekely is passionate about helping students understand the technicalities of art but also the dynamics of creativity. She has worked in various professional settings, including colleges and public schools, along with being a practicing artist herself. Tune into this episode of Art Class Curator to learn more about balancing your classroom education and helping students cultivate personal expression in art. 

Show Highlights:

  • Background and experiences 
  • Finding your right place in the education system 
  • Shifting focus and utilizing visual experiences 
  • Incorporating art projects that students think are important 
  • Art Ilona likes to make and materials to use 
  • Translating every day issues to art 
  • Balancing being an artist and an educator 
  • Using art to spend time with your kids 
  • How parents can influence creativity  
  • Validating art experimentation 
  • Body image in the art room 
  • Being introspective in terms of our own beauty 
  • How to tactically address insecurity in the classroom 
  • How to teach technique and personal expression in art 
  • The key to discipline issues in a classroom 
  • Lifechanging artwork 


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