CT076 Ninja Nguyen: Step on the Mat

CT076 Ninja Nguyen: Step on the Mat

This week's guest is Ninja Nguyen, author of Step on the Mat: Life Lessons of the Ninja.  In Ninja's new book he shows how martial arts are more than just punching and kicking, and he highlights how the valuable lessons found in the routines of the martial arts can be applied to everything else you do in your life.  From the opening bow, sparring, and competitions, - all of these contain lessons that can help make you stronger mentally and physically, and make you a better person.

In today's show, Ninja talks about his early life growing up in Vietnam and the challenges he faced moving to the US, how he got started in the martial arts and some distractions he overcame along the way.  We then dig into some of the highlights of his book, and also find out how he got the name (NOT THE NICKNAME) Ninja!

To learn more about Ninja please visit  www.XtremeNinja.com

You can find his book, Step on the Mat: Life Lessons of the Ninja by Ninja Nguyen, on Amazon.  

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