Amishi Jha & Lauren Johnson | Attention & Awareness
Resilience at Google · 34 minutes ·

Amishi Jha & Lauren Johnson | Attention & Awareness

Sometimes it seems our focus is everywhere except where we need it to be, and with the many demands on our attention in the office and at home, it can be difficult to decide where and how to direct our limited energies. How do we hone our attention skills to improve productivity and relish the present moment — all at once?

In this episode, Kendall Kazor, part of Google’s People Development team, interviews Dr. Amishi Jha, a psychology professor and director of the Contemplative Neuroscience UMindfulness Initiative at the University of Miami and a leading expert on focus and attention. They’re joined by mental performance coach Lauren Johnson. Together, they discuss key takeaways from Jha’s bestselling book “Peak Mind,” and teach us how to train our awareness for peak performance.

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