Mindful Collaboration | Rob Cross & Kensa Gunter
Resilience at Google · 38 minutes ·

Mindful Collaboration | Rob Cross & Kensa Gunter

We live in the era of teamwork. Collaboration is celebrated as the solution to most of our challenges, helping us channel diverse perspectives and move the ball forward on difficult tasks. But research reveals that over-collaboration might be hurting us more than it’s helping, particularly in the hybrid workspace.

Google People Development Team’s Kendall Kazor asks Dr. Rob Cross, a professor of global leadership at Babson College and author of “Beyond Collaboration Overload,” about the potential pitfalls of over-collaboration. Rob is joined by Dr. Kensa Gunter, a clinical sports psychologist who provides perspective about the collaborative footprints and costs on the very teammates we are hoping to help.

Together, Rob and Kensa teach us how we can maximize our time and efforts and be energizers for our co-workers, our families, and ourselves.

Follow Rob on Twitter @RobCrossNetwork, get a copy of his book Beyond Collaboration Overload, and learn more about his organizational network analysis method that helps leaders design hybrid work norms.

Follow Kensa on Twitter @DrKensa.

Full Transcript: https://bit.ly/3QpD3UW

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