Episode 334 - Going BALD! (w/John Tucker)

Episode 334 - Going BALD! (w/John Tucker)

Sometimes you read an indie comic and think 'That would be a great movie', and friend of the show John Tucker (The King) talks about how his book 'Bald' got adapted into a short film! Theres talk about collaboration, casting, scripting, making stories you love and also the work that led to his acclaimed podcast 'This Foul Earth'. Add that to a bunch of great indie comics to check out, lot of laughs and new creators to look out for and you've got a recipe for awesome.

Great stuff to check out this week - John Tucker, Bald, John Tucker Comics, Will Laren, Gareth Hopkins, Bastards of the Cosmos KS, The Lakes Comic Arts Podcast, Tom Sparke, Hauntings, Claude TC, People of World, Swanzeus, Blak, Digital, Tomb of the White Horse, Chad in Amsterdam

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