Are Platform teams the next DevOps?
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Are Platform teams the next DevOps?

Platform teams were defined in the seminal book Team Topologies (by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais) and are quickly becoming the new standard for teams working in Infrastructure. But what exactly are Platform teams? What does it mean to work on a Platform as a product?

Talk + Discussion "Platform as a product" by Manuel Pais

Savvy organizations are discovering the value of treating their internal platforms as products. But what does it mean to treat a "platform as a product"? What benefits does this give, and why would an organization adopt this approach?In this talk, Manuel Pais, co-author of the book Team Topologies, explains why the platform-as-product approach can be a game-changer for organizations building and running software-enabled products and services. Using ideas & patterns from Team Topologies - including Thinnest Viable Platform, team cognitive load, and the evolutionary team interaction modes - Manuel explains how organizations like Uswitch and Adidas have successfully used the platform-as-product model to accelerate and simplify the delivery of software at scale.

Talk + Discussion Accelerating large engineering organisations with Internal Platforms by João Alves

João Alves is an Engineering Manager at Adevinta in Barcelona. Adevinta's portfolio spans more than 40 digital brands, covering one billion people and attracting approximately three billion average monthly visits.João has helped to implement the Platform team model at Adevinta and will be sharing the lessons learned from creating a successful Platform team with us.

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