'Being humble enough to have a change of mind' - Movie Workshop with David Hoffmeister
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'Being humble enough to have a change of mind' - Movie Workshop with David Hoffmeister

Movie 'The Most Reluctant Convert' - Movie Workshop with David Hoffmeister

This movie uses wit and humor, and it uses great thinkers and great poets. So many great thinkers were experts at rationality and logic who didn't realize that the rationality they were applying to this world was as if the world was real and as if the world had some meaning in it. But when you use rationality to meaninglessness, it goes nowhere. Some of us have tried. We've tried to be rational creatures in an insane world. And, at times, wondered; This is ridiculous. How am I ever going to find meaning in such an insane world?

So Jesus has helped us out. He tells us this world is backward and upside down. And he tells us that we will never find our true identity in this world. A veil is drawn over the truth to blind us from the truth and he's permitting us to drop it. Drop trying to find meaning and understanding in the world. The kingdom of heaven is within you, and he was pointing us toward prayer and meditation. Spirit of God, show me the truth. Everything I perceive with my five senses has not taken me to the truth, but there is a way; there must be a way because you said knock, and the door shall be opened.

Enjoy David Hoffmeister's Movie session for this monthly Tabula Rasa weekend online retreat with the topic 'The Mystical Heart of Christ'. If you want to know more about the Weekly Movie Workshops, look here: https://bit.ly/ACIM-Movie-Workshop.

You can watch the beginning of the session on YouTube.

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Recorded on November 5, 2022, at La Casa Quantico, Chapala, Mexico.

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