Coming Into True Honesty - Movie Workshop with David Hoffmeister
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Coming Into True Honesty - Movie Workshop with David Hoffmeister

Coming into true honesty - Being aligned with the source in what I think, say, and do.

We want to live an honest life and feel we're lined up with our source because our source is love, happiness, joy, and peace. That's really in our hearts. That's what we're praying for. We want to have a happy, joyful life. And to stay aligned with the source, we must accept ourselves as God created us. The ego made the body; the ego made the personality and the perceptual world of time and space. It made the stars and the planets and the mountains and the trees. The ego projected a world meant to be a hiding place, as Jesus says in the Course of place, where God could enter not. The world was made as a veil to cover our true identity as pure love. The world was made as a distracting device to distract us from going within and finding the love within our hearts. And the world was made as a place of hatred and sorrow, and many of us have gone through a lot of experiences that were pretty difficult, pretty dark experiences, but Jesus is saying not to worry. You just had a misperception, and I will help you correct your perception. And then you'll see things truly and know that you were mistaken about the world.

Enjoy the profound commentary on the movie "The Lego Movie" by David Hoffmeister. If you want to know more about the Weekly Movie Workshops, look here:

You can watch the introduction to the movie on YouTube:

Look for more info on David Hoffmeister and upcoming events:

The movie workshop was recorded Saturday, December 17, 2022, in Chapala, Mexico.

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