Spinning Out and Classical Movement | Soundtrack Summer (SYNC on Twitch)
SYNC Radio · 49 minutes ·

Spinning Out and Classical Movement | Soundtrack Summer (SYNC on Twitch)

Welcome to the Soundtrack Summer series, where we explore one collection of work each episode and break down how music affects both the fictional world and the viewer experience. Spinning Out is an immaculate show on Netflix about skating, family, and mental health, and the music plays a key role in setting the soundscape of both the skating world and a person's inner demons. I talk about the soundtrack and how the use of classical composition mixed with a specific subgenre of placed songs creates a compelling piece of art. Streamed live on Twitch 9/12/20 (sorry it's taken so long to upload!)

Note: I had audio issues during the intro, so here it is: "Hello, and welcome to SYNC, a show where we talk about music in film and television, why it's important, and the music supervisors and composers who make it all happen. My name is Emma, and today I'm talking about Spinning Out."

Website: https://www.syncradiolive.com

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