Marcie Prohofski hosts another night of sensual spoken word in this episode of Erotic Poetry Readings, recorded live at OneTaste in San Francisco. Listen in as the performers take the stage and guide you on a ride through the terrains of love, orgasm, and the taboo.

First on the mic is Rob, with an improvisational piece called 'Desire.’ He describes desire as that monster that lives in the closet, haunting him, calling to him in the darkness, and never going away.

Fred shares his unique perspective of a beautiful woman in a piece called 'When I Look at You.’ He shares his vulnerability and raw emotion as he describes how he sees himself when he looks at her.

Yia shares some intimate feelings with us as she reads her 'Love Letter'. She describes a romantic night of passion with a lover, filled with all the steamy details.

Listen in for all this and more as readers take the stage and turn up the. Be prepared for titillation and turn on as things get hot, hot, hotter.

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