Shorties 38: Ghislaine Maxwell's Talk at TEDx Charlotte
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Shorties 38: Ghislaine Maxwell's Talk at TEDx Charlotte

Ok, creeps. Jonni and Bob close out their block of Creeptober October Shorties with one that stars a real creep. Bob kind of tricked Jonni with this one. Jonni didn’t pick up on the name, and this Shorties ep started off being about one awful thing, but in reality it was truly about another fucked up thing. Environmental Disaster + Elite Sex Trafficking Conspiracy = one ranty ass episode. We watched an unbelievably boring TEDtalk by the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell that we are calling “Ghislaine Maxwell’s Talk at TEDx Charlotte” and if that name doesn’t ring a bell then put it into a search engine and start reading about some awful shit. We already know the truth about Jeffrey Epstein’s so-called “suicide” and that evidence can be found on our 100th episode. What is the truth about Ghislaine Maxwell doing a TEDtalk years after she was named an accomplice in victim testimony at Jeffrey Epstein’s rape trial? TEDtalks have featured too many privileged shitholes pushing an illusion of genius and TED hosting a sex trafficker of underage girls is going way too far for something so boring that pretends it’s great. Fucking Morgan Spurlock has done a TEDtalk if that tells you anything. It’s time to rise up and #CANCELTEDTALKS ! Life will be more bearable without them. It will stop what Bob did to Jonni in this episode by halting people recommending TEDtalks to you. If anything, this particular TEDtalk probably hurts effective climate change solutions from taking hold more than it helps. That alone is worth your time! Enjoy this plus-sized “Shorties” episode if it’s possible. Keep on cancelling TEDtalks.

Here it is and it’s very very boring:

This guy was closely associated with Epstein and is probably a child rapist and also did a TEDtalk:

More evidence of getting rid of TEDtalks, these outweigh any good TEDtalk:

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