So You Want to Be a Bartender?
The Food Programme · 29 minutes ·

So You Want to Be a Bartender?

Welcome to the world of cocktails and the people who make them.

As Jaega Wise discovers in this programme, it's a world of extremes. On one hand, in the past decade, bartending has become a respectable, profitable career for some. International awards and competitions have thrust people like Monica Berg of London bar Tayēr + Elementary, and Max Hayward of Cardiff's Lab 22 into the media spotlight.

But the other side is darker. Zero hours contracts, long hours, bullying and harassment. And a hospitality industry which is stretched like never before.

In this programme, Jaega Wise speaks to bartenders, business owners and writers to make sense of where the professional bartending world is, and where it's heading.
Presented by Jaega Wise.

Produced in Bristol by Clare Salisbury.

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