#120: CBD Oil 101 with Dr. Jess
Fit Mama Real Food Radio · 37 minutes ·

#120: CBD Oil 101 with Dr. Jess

Dr. Jess is an expert in holistic healing, functional medicine, energy work, stem cells and cannabis. Her philosophy embodies true health as being all encompassing of mind, body and spirit.  In episode 120 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio (the re-airing from episode 67) Dr Jess dives into CBD oil 101 - the beginner’s guide to CBD oils.  You will learn: what can CBD oil help with, if you have to take it forever once you start, side effects, if you can take CBD oils while pregnant/nursing/as a kid, how to find good CBD oils and what to look for along with proper dosage. If you’ve been CBD oil curious this episode is for you!

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