200 - An Extra Special Podcast Episode

200 - An Extra Special Podcast Episode

Welcome to podcast number 200!

I can't believe we've recorded, published, and shared this many episodes.  It seems like last we just start this a few weeks ago and here we are at episode 200.

In these past few years, I've made many friendships and connections due to the podcast.

This includes all of those who I've gotten to know as a part of our Patreon Extra Credit Round Table that we hold every month.

This podcast episode is a peek into our Extra Credit Club and what it would sound like on our monthly calls.  

To mark episode 200, those participating in the zoom call got to pick my brain and ask me any questions that were on their minds.  You are listening to this conversation in today's podcast.

So - thank you to all of you who have listened, shared, and became part of the podcast.   Thanks to all that are part of our community and for those who back the podcast on Patreon.

And for everyone who was there earlier this month to help record this podcast episode, whether you asked a question or not, thank you!




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