11 - Are There Any Girl Angels?
BE NOT AFRAID · 39 minutes ·

11 - Are There Any Girl Angels?

Three shadows pass over the kingdom of Judea, and the game is up for the angel once thought to be a demon. Time is running out. King Solomon is asking the important questions.

Episode content warnings: torture, mind control, gender discussions, mention of death, intense fear of isolation and loneliness

Series content warnings: fond irreverence of holy scripture, swears, violence, sexual innuendo

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Written by Rebecca Hansson and Tommy Holmberg

Script edited by Hannah Levin (@ImTired81)

Beta read by Fianna McKnight and Steve Davison.

Victor Tran as Asmodeus (@victoreatsall)

Kiana Triana as Naar (@kiana.triana / @kianatree / kianatriana.com)

Anna Stein as Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof (@rosemarycat5)

Cai Gwilym Pritchard as Darshan (@mynameisnotcai & @chainofbeing)

EurasianRob as King Solomon (@eurasianrob)

Braden as Buer (@BManTalksVO / @bmanthegoofball)

Steven Chisholm as Guard 1 (@ChizWrites)

Erik Oberg as Guard 2 (@beowulfypants)

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