12 - Until the shadows flee
BE NOT AFRAID · 39 minutes ·

12 - Until the shadows flee

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. No, not that close. Welcome to the season finale!

Episode content warnings: imprisonment, weird power dynamics, sexual content, smoking

Series content warnings: fond irreverence of holy scripture, swears, violence, sexual innuendo

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Written by Rebecca Hansson and Tommy Holmberg

Script edited by Hannah Levin (⁠@ImTired81⁠)

Music featured: “Kashmiri Mind Meld” by Byzantine Time Machine.

Victor Tran as Asmodeus (@victoreatsall)

EurasianRob as King Solomon (@eurasianrob)

Kiana Triana as Naar (@kiana.triana / @kianatree / kianatriana.com)

Greg Carrobis as Ornias (@gergcandlestick)

Anna Stein as Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof (@rosemarycat5)

Dan Kovel as Yusuf (@championkingdan)

Cai Gwilym Pritchard as Darshan ( Twitter: @mynameisnotcai & @chainofbeing)

Braden as Buer (@BManTalksVO / @bmanthegoofball)

Sabine Novakovic-Wagner as Asha (@BaronessCos)

Steven Chisholm as Gabriel (@ChizWrites)

Avalon Willowbloom as Seir (@AvalonWillowbl1)

Briar Zachary as Bodiel

Thank you to our awesome beta readers and test-listeners: Fianna McKnigt, Steve Davison, Victor Tran and Lou Sutcliffe.

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