Overnight Success Myth
Jeremy Scott Fitness · 66 minutes ·

Overnight Success Myth

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Overnight Success Myth ~ It didn’t happen overnight for me and I can almost promise you it won’t for you. In fact I think if you look at anyone who you think is “crushing” or “has made it” or has had any form of long-term success (10 years plus) The sh*t wasn’t easy…. They took more than a few kicks in the nuts, punches to the face and have more than a few emotional scars to show from their journey to today. I’ve owned a gym for over 11 years now solo and have built multiple entities off Jeremy Scott Fitness that I feel have been more than successful to help my wife and I give back to the world and buy us a lifestyle with some financial security. But for all the “success” “wins” and amazing, fun, cool things you get to see on the surface just know…. It’s been a struggle! I have struggled to make this life happen more than you can possible imagine over the years. This episode is not meant to detour anyone from trying or make me sound special but to paint a clear picture of what it takes to be an "overnight success" to the world. 

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