"Overcoming Adversity and Pursuing Dreams: The Inspirational Journey of Branden Collinsworth" | Inside Out With Ally Podcast EP 7
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"Overcoming Adversity and Pursuing Dreams: The Inspirational Journey of Branden Collinsworth" | Inside Out With Ally Podcast EP 7

Branden Collinsworth went from being broke, homeless, and a high school dropout to an internationally renowned performance coach and founder of The Jump for Joy Foundation and Real Results Fitness. He became one of the first trainers signed globally to Nike, received a Master's in Positive Psychology from UPenn, and collaborated with Nike to launch Nike Yoga - Nike's first yoga performance apparel line.

He also co-created the first comprehensive yoga program on the Nike Training Club app, with workouts that serve millions across the world monthly. In 2017, he launched Warrior Retreats, a 16-day physical and spiritual rite of passage for leaders in Peru. He is also the Global Director for The Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease Association, a humanitarian nonprofit based in Peru, and one of the Founding Experts for Mined, the first digital emotional platform rooted in amplifying emotional well-being and human pathos.

Branden is committed to creating a global movement for love built upon his own training fundamentals: mindset, exercise, meditation, and mastery. Currently, he is serving as head of Innovation and Human Performance for Core Power Yoga and is still diligently at work with Nike as one of their Global Trainers and Yoga Teachers.

In a nutshell, Branden and Ally talk about:

Collins's story from where he started to where he is today 1:36

Gifts that were given to him by his mom from a young age 2:43

Why slaves were not supposed to be taught how to read 5:19

The main books that made an impact in his life 6:11

What does praying with your legs mean 7:40

What propelled him from the books to where he is right now 8:45

How he moved from living his dream life to being depressed 12:21

What it means to love yourself and how one can start the journey 14:47

Words to people who struggle with depression and anxiety 20:38

The warrior retreat journey 24:06

Acknowledgment for the ripple effect of the warrior nun retreat 30:52

Some of the things that he had to overcome once he had success and how he overcame the challenges 32:58

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