Today we share an update about our life! We talk about Jiu Jitsu, homesteading, bee keeping, baby chickens, full grown chickens, mushrooms, preserving and canning food, building your own kitchen garden and all the things you didn’t know you needed to know about. 

Here are the timestamps for the episode:

  • We Moved! (0:10)
  • Why We Chose Our New Location (5:25)
  • Making Your Space a Reflection of You (8:30)
  • How to Start Your Own Little Farm (12:00)
  • All about Jiu Jitsu (19:25)
  • How Stephan Started Jiu Jitsu (30:00)
  • The Baby Chicks Story (41:00)
  • We’re Getting Bees! (47:10)
  • Closed Loop Homesteading (56:00)
  • Mushrooms Could Save The World (59:00)
  • Designing Your Homestead (1:02:00)

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These links are NOT affiliated with APC. We share them here because we discuss them.

USDA Growing Zones

10th Planet Springfield JiuJitsu

Old Sol Apiaries

Permaculture - A Designers Manual by Geoff Lawson

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save The World by Paul Stamets

The Urban Farmer - Curtis Stone

The Market Gardener - Jean Martin Fortier

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