Feeding a Plant Doritos
Almost Perfect Couple · 59 minutes ·

Feeding a Plant Doritos

Today we discuss the basics of nutrition, eating lifestyles, counting macros, sports nutrition and longevity.

Here are the timestamps for the episode:

  • Nutrition (0:30)
  • What If You Can’t Afford Good Food (8:30)
  • Homelessness (10:00)
  • Feeding a Plant Doritos (16:20)
  • Eating Lifestyle (19:30)
  • Taking Care of Future Self (24:00)
  • Congress, If You’re Listening (27:45)
  • Game Changers Doc (28:30)
  • How to Make a Change (33:00)
  • Inflammation (44:00)
  • Supplements (52:00)

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