Homeschooling, Parenting and Marriage with Robert & Susan Cottrell
Almost Perfect Couple · 77 minutes ·

Homeschooling, Parenting and Marriage with Robert & Susan Cottrell

Today we discuss our experience with homeschooling, marriage & couples advice from over 33 years and the importance of self-care.

Here are the timestamps for the episode:

  • Introducing guests Roberto & Susan Cottrell (0:10)
  • Why We Homeschooled (2:00)
  • The Myth of Productivity (4:50)
  • Are Children Too Socialized? (11:30)
  • Structure in Each Day (14:20)
  • Exchanging Effort for Reward (20:10)
  • Natalie as a Child (33:00)
  • Cooperation Is(n’t) Cheating (34:20)
  • Marriage Advice Over 33 Years (38:15)
  • Solitude is Different than Loneliness (43:35)
  • A Duck Above Water (The Importance of Self-Care) (47:40)
  • Advice for Parents (52:15)
  • Trusting Your Child’s Intuition (55:50)
  • What Makes a Lily Beautiful? (1:10:15)
  • Final Advice for Budding Relationships (1:13:45)

Guests: Robert Cottrell & Susan Cottrell (Instagram @FreedHearts,

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