Avery and I love Spain. A few years ago we went to Italy to get our first European experience as a couple and loved Rome and Tuscany. Italy showed us what can happen when fresh ingredients get involved. In 2018, we made our first trip to Spain and found that the Spanish lifestyle of socialization was a little more in line than what we have to deal with in North America. In our perfect world, we would rather go to 5 bars in over 5 nights and meet a few (sometimes new) people, rather than trying to everyone at once at one event on a weekend. The problem with that is it consumes your weekend. We went back to Spain the following year and travelled the north. After 4 weeks in Spain, we still feel we haven't seen everything. When there is nothing on TV, Avery and I watch James Blick's videos as he travels Spain sampling some of the best food in the world. 
In this episode, I speak to James about his company Devour Tours, and how this Kiwi found to his to Spain to become one of Spain's biggest ambassadors to the Anglophone World. If you are planning a trip to Spain, subscribe to his YouTube channel and his Instagram to get you thinking about how you will spend your time when you get there. And food lovers,
James and his team at Devour Tours are on lockdown like the rest of the planet - but that doesn't stop them from connecting you to the food. The company has put together a digital cookbook so you can enjoy Spanish cuisine in your kitchen. Devour Tours hosts events in a number of Spanish cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and San Sebastian, as well as other European destinations like London, Lisbon, Paris and Rome. 
Finally, Avery and I have some personal suggestions that we loved and have shared on the blog page of this episode which you can find here.
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