ADN: 90 West Data Episode
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ADN: 90 West Data Episode

In this third episode of Alternative Data News, we speak with John Farrall, Co-Founder of 90 West Data.

90 West Data engages decision-makers with data and insights from a unique panel of US consumer transaction data. Their goal is to increase the confidence with which decisions are made. The data offers insight into everything from broad consumer spending trends to daily merchant-specific changes. 90 West's data is clean, complete, and research-ready for everyone from the most sophisticated data-veteran to someone newly understanding the benefits of adding data to the decision-making process.

In this podcast, we discuss what John has learned about the industry since launching 90 West, how the market could shift with more vendors entering the space, and how John's traditional, sell-side experience has helped produce a reliable product and service. We wrap up the podcast by playing a version of "This or That" and hit John with some burning questions like "Who's the GOAT? MJ or Lebron James?" and "Who's the better CEO for shareholder value? Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk?"

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