ADN: DecaData Episode
Alternative Data News · 47 minutes ·

ADN: DecaData Episode

In this episode of Alternative Data News, we speak with Chris Antipa, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of DecaData.

DecaData offers daily point of sale (POS) data for over 50K global CPG products with granularity down to the UPC scan level. Their product offerings include COVID-19 Purchase Data, Hotel Occupancy Data, Retail Data, Video Game Data, and Rx Data.

We discuss the origins of DecaData as a self-funded venture, the most notable usage cases for their POS data, and how their data delivery has eliminated a lot of the pain points for buy-side clients. Our episode concludes with an anecdote of a timely call around the Beyond Meat IPO and Chris's thoughts on what's a better short-term investment, GME or Bitcoin.

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