Market Spotlight: Little Rock, Arkansas | PREI 059
Passive Real Estate Investing · 34 minutes ·

Market Spotlight: Little Rock, Arkansas | PREI 059

On today’s episode we take a look at the great “under the radar” market of Little Rock, Arkansas.
Little Rock has a great economy, and terrific number in terms of purchasing and rates of return. It’s also one of the most landlord friendly states in the country with average eviction times of only 21 days!
Why invest in Little Rock, AK?
What is the local economy like?
What is the local housing market like?
What is the local rental market like?
What are the typical turnkey rental properties like in Little Rock?
If you missed last week’s episode, be sure to listen to the Investing in Turnkey Properties — My Journey, Setbacks and Advice.
Enjoy the show!
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