Atomic DEX - How the Komodo Decentralized Exchange enables atomic swaps
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Atomic DEX - How the Komodo Decentralized Exchange enables atomic swaps

Kadan Stadelmann is the Komodo Platform’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kadan’s background includes coding from an early age which led to him becoming a white-hat hacker and operations security and penetration testing at the nation-state level. Komodo has conducted the world’s first web browser-based atomic swap and is expanding its decentralized exchange solution, AtomicDEX, to web browsers. The atomic swap is a smart contract technology that allows users to trade digital assets without any third-party involvement.

Key takeaway:

To date, most decentralized exchange solutions have been clunky and lacking in users. Komodo says that the AtomicDEX is now the industry leader. Komodo has been working on atomic swaps since 2014 and has collaborated with their inventor, Tier Nolan. In the last four months, Komodo has launched the first DEX for mobile phones, on-boarded thousands of users, and executed the first web browser-based atomic swap. Komodo is on a mission to make it so that if you want to trade crypto without a middleman, you can do it by typing in a URL or pulling out your phone.”

Why you should listen:

Hear why Kadan’s experience working in op-sec at the nation-state level led to a realization that trustless, decentralized solutions are the most effective means to change the world. Plus, hear Kadan’s diplomatic assessment of the McAfeeDEX, and learn why Kadan is extremely pessimistic about humanity’s future.

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