The Bitcoin Podcast #220: Andrew Yang
The Bitcoin Podcast · 108 minutes ·

The Bitcoin Podcast #220: Andrew Yang

This week, Tijo 'Arcane Bear' joins us on the roundtable from Costa Rica! If you are already part of the bear family then you already know who he is, but he is a super rad guy who gives great advice on mind, body, spirit, and of course...crypto! Then we jump into our special interview for the episode, Mr. Andrew Yang, Democratic candidate for President of the United States in 2020. He is running on a platform of the Freedom Dividend, a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 a month to every American adult age 18-64. He believes this is necessary because technology will soon automate away millions of American jobs - and yes, indeed, this has already begun. Oh, and he accepts crypto donations for his campaign. That is one savvy guy!

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