Thriller Rundown: Bitcoin Black Swan Event
Thriller Bitcoin · 25 minutes ·

Thriller Rundown: Bitcoin Black Swan Event

The term “Black Swan Event” describes certain events in history so profoundly unexpected and massive in scale, that they fundamentally changed the course of history. There are good Black Swans and bad Black swan. One black swan event was perhaps the genesis of bitcoin’s birth: The subprime mortgage crisis which almost brought down the entire banking industry. 

Economic storm clouds have long been gathering on the horizon, and lightning struck this week with the Dow erasing two months of gains, and the Chinese yuan falling to a level not seen since 2008. With Bitcoin surging, is the digital currency turning into a safe-haven asset?

Bitcoin is now the 11th largest money in the world, and it obtained this with only a nine-page paper created anonymously fueled by a grassroots movement. Millions of people have chosen a bank with no CEO, office or marketing department and it should absolutely blow your mind and scare you at the same time.

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