The Vagabond Interview - Vagabond Interview - Blockchain Accessible to Everyone

The Vagabond Interview - Vagabond Interview - Blockchain Accessible to Everyone

The Vagabond Interview - Vagabond Interview - Blockchain Accessible to Everyone

We spoke with two co-founders of Vagabond. Navid Kiani Larijani, Managing Partner, Marketing and Technology, and Dr. Thomas Riegler, Managing Partner, Business.

Vagabond is a Blockchain as a Service Platform that enables businesses to implement the benefits of Blockchain into their operations. We see a significant Market Potential that addresses the most notable challenges companies face in deploying Blockchain Solutions - the cost and time of implementation and adoption.

Vagabond sets to build its community for individuals and supports users to experiment, learn or run their dApps (e.g. NFT Marketplace) based on the Vagabond platform. Vagabonds' primary strengths are predefined processes and modules that the user can use and adapt without writing a single line of Source Code. Experts may use GitHub to deploy their own code on Vagabond or choose from our library.

We asked ourselves what it would take to make Blockchain technology more accessible to a broader market. It led to the creation of Vagabond, a platform that helps individuals and organizations to implement, migrate and maintain their new and existing Projects to the vagabond Platform, with just a few clicks.








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