S2E1 - Blockchain in Brazil: A Hidden Blockchain Powerhouse
Blockchain Won't Save the World · 53 minutes ·

S2E1 - Blockchain in Brazil: A Hidden Blockchain Powerhouse

Welcome to Season 2! New theme music, more guests, and a different way of looking at Blockchain technology, culture and community through the eyes of Blockchain experts in the less-publicised nations around the world - and we're starting with Brazil. There is more Blockchain activity happening in Brazil than almost anywhere in the world, and Brazil has produced some of the most talented minds in Blockchain. Adoption of the technology is tightly linked to the strengths and deficiencies of Brazil as a nation, and it's fascinating to observe.

In this episode we cover:

- Brazil's relationship with technology, and how Brazil is a Blockchain leader despite lagging behind tech adoption in other areas

- Examples of national Blockchain use cases in Public and Private sector - from National Identity to Agri Business to Finance and Crypto Assets

- How Blockchain is spoken about in society and the press

- The make-up of Brazil's Blockchain community: Fintechs, Cypherpunks, Gov-techs and Enterprise Adopters

- The main personalities in Brazilian Blockchain, and who you should be following

- Case studies on start-ups in Agri-business and Renewable Energy, and Henkel's 'Reci-Chain' for Recycling

- What more is needed to bring Blockchain initiatives to scale in Brazil, and key learnings for other countries

Shout to my guests: Mauricio Magaldi, Rosine Kadamani, Gladstone Arantes, Tatiana Revoredo, Renato Lopes, Deborah Aguirre, Kiko Duarte, Isaque Eberhardt and Igor Ferreira

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