S2E2 - Blockchain in Malta: The Rise and Pause of 'Blockchain Island'
Blockchain Won't Save the World · 54 minutes ·

S2E2 - Blockchain in Malta: The Rise and Pause of 'Blockchain Island'

In this episode we uncover the surprising ingredients behind Malta's rise as one of the 'go to' destinations for Blockchain businesses. It's a story of economics, politics, law, technology, a little bit of hype, and the critical issue of how to virtual world of protocols and digital assets co-exists with the physical world or national borders and regulation. This is one of the deepest episodes yet, and there are some fundamental Blockchain learnings in here that everyone needs to know! In this episode we cover:

- Malta's constant struggle to find it's economic niche, and how its specialty in technology and law created advantage

- The role Malta played in supporting Blockchain businesses during the emergence of Bitcoin, ICOs and virtual financial assets

- The founding of the Maltese Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) and how it evaluates Blockchain companies against Maltese regulation

- The rush of ICOs, crypto and Blockchain businesses to Malta, and the 'thinning of the heard' since 2016

- Blockchain use cases for the island of Malta, including Financial Services, Real Estate and Social Care

- Examples of Blockchain businesses in Malta, and their experience of trying to become regulated

- The role of the Blockchain community and academia in supporting further scaling of Blockchain in Malta

- The future of Blockchain and Virtual Financial Assets, and how Malta's law and regulation may yet play a global enabling role

Shout to all the amazing guests who were part of this episode: Max Ganado, Joshua Ellul, Dave Pulis, Beata Young, Kenneth Farugia, Jonathan Galea, Sandro Psaila and Jean-Michelle Azzopardi

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